Unlock your inner beauty by slipping into a stylish and comfortable outfit from Libra Boutique and look at your best.

Libra Boutique in Jeddah offers you the two major keys of the feminine fashion and world style. The combination of Elegance and Fragrance is what makes this boutique unique in every single way.

Two creative designers manage Libra, Rana Ismail is majored in fashion and Dr.Bazza Saud is a perfume designer. The brand name came from the partners sign.

“My role is to dress women in classic, chic yet modern, stylish and flattering clothing that they would feel comfortable and attractive wearing something from Libra,” – Rana Ismail, Head Fashion designer and owner of Libra fashion boutique.

Rana’s designs can be described as bold and creative as she plays around with different fabrics and colors in one dress creating a masterpiece out of it.

The boutique displays casual chic , cocktail dresses and evening gowns. The designer is willing to add more details into the basic dress according to the costumer’s needs.

Her designs are a mix of soft materials and outline with tougher, more structured pieces for the same effect. Rana also designs accessories .
The fragrance bar offers ten different kinds of smells and what unites them is that they are all a mix between the Oriental and the Occidental odor. Classic and unique perfumes are being mixed with original Oud aiming to give a exceptional smell and scent.

“I aim to make every woman who wears Libra perfumes to feel unique , my mixture cannot be found anywhere but in Libra stores and that’s because we make sure it’s original,” said Dr. Bazza S. Abdulaziz, Perfume designer.