Rana Ismail, Fashion Designer:

Born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Studied Islamic Art in King Abdul-Aziz University and gained her experience in Fashion from working for her family’s business as a fashion designer at ‘Raheed Bridal Shop’.

Rana’s Job was to add and fix already designed bridals where she adds small touches to transform a normal bridal dress into an extraordinary wedding gown.

“I never thought of fashion design as a full time job, I always thought of it as a hobby that I like to approach in my free time,” said Rana. “With time I started designing Ramadan female Thobes adding a stylish twist. I displayed them in a Bazaar and all my items were sold out, and that’s when I knew I should do more and design a bigger collection,” she added.

The designer decided to stand-alone in 2003 when she started her own brand (Libra) and designed fashionable female Thobes and evening dresses.

On 2009, Libra took a bigger step after opening it’s own boutique in Jeddah offering women different kinds of elegance.