Dr. Bazza Saud, Perfume Designer:

Dr. Bazza majored in psychology in her PhD Program at London University. From the age of fourteen, Dr. Bazza started searching for her signature scent, which drove her to mix her own perfumes and come up with her blended scents.

In 1992 she owned fragrance boutique called “SHAMMAH” which was located in Riyadh, where she offered each of her clients a unique mixture of scents. The shop was closed & Libra was opened in 2006 where she offered blended perfumes between French fragrances and the precious Oud scent to combine two cultures in one silver bottle.

Family and friends were supporters and first customers of her produced fragrances, step – by – step word of mouth took her mixed fragrances to further stage to be known & created a demand in the market.

“ I have a small laboratory where I work on my scents, create new fragrances, test my productions & work on them until I get a satisfactory result that would meet the level of accuracy I aim” said Dr. Bazza